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 FIT By Flo Collective

Built for you.

Welcome to the FIT By Flo Collective - your training and nutrition bible.

Sick of trying hard but getting nowhere? We've got you.

We help you identify your goal, implement the relevant changes, and track your progress through extensive resources and coaching tools. 

Evidence-based, expert resources.

Our team consists of fully-qualified Personal Trainers, MNU Certified Nutritionists, and teachers, all led by Flo Seabright, founder of FIT by Flo and Intake Nutrition

We're here to answer all your health and fitness questions and help you towards your goal.

Our members are at the heart of our community.

What started as a small Facebook community has grown into so much more! 

The FIT By Flo Collective Facebook Group, reserved for members of the platform, is designed to help you get the most out of the platform. 

Our Trainers and Nutritionists manage the friendly community to give you extra accountability and support. We're with you every step of the way.

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Your membership is made up of three things - the Membership Platform, the Coaching App and our Facebook Community. All three of these aspects work together to ensure you are guided and supported at every step.

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Community Support via our members Facebook Group

Access to fully qualified Personal Trainers & Certified Nutritionists

Evidence-based guidance and support to help you reach and maintain your goals!


 When the subscription has expired, you must renew to maintain access to our site. 

£34.99 per month in advance; minimum contract duration 1 month

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Looking for more personalised support?

We offer add-on 60min consultations with our team of fully qualified Personal Trainers and Certified Nutritionists, in order to help you navigate your training and nutrition and support you in reaching your goals. All one-off consultation are £60 or 60 credits.


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